Graminy - "Germinations - A Bluegrass Symphony in D" 2013

Bowser - "The Nomad Experience" 2012

CHAVO - Benefit Concert 2012

Venice Gas House Trolley - "When In Rome" 2012

Graminy - "Water Grass Place" 2011

The Pints - "First Round" 2010


Steez - "Creepfunk Crusade" - 2009 Named in the top 10 Madison albums of the year by Isthmus


Ervin Allen - "Alaska" 2008 - Spent 22 weeks on the European Country Music Charts top 100



Ervin Allen - "Moon & Stars" 2007 - 50+ weeks on the ECMA top 100


Chafo - "E.p." 2007


Bowser - "Bowser" 2006


St. John the Baptist Folk Group - "Alive" 2006


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Sam Lyons Band


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Cash Box Kings


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