Andrew LaValley - Bear Sound Owner


I have a passion for music and especially the art of great sound.   Like so many other people,  music has become the backbone of my daily life.  It has carried me through all the ups and downs, and never once let me down.  Years ago I took a leap of faith by founding Bear Sound and turning my passion into my career.

Before I was able to go into business by myself, I prepared for this field.  I spent close to a decade playing bass in numerous bands in the upper midwest and intensely studying western music and its history.  In that time I dipped into most of the genres of American music.  Being intimately familiar with multiple types of music helps me everyday with an ever changing client list.  Having been in their position as a musician, its much easier to provide quality service from the musician's perspective.

Education has always been important to me.  I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication - Radio, Film & Television from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  It was here that I learned the skills to live and work in the modern media invironment.  Video production was the emphasis.  Immediately following UW I attended the Expression College for the Digital Arts in Emeryville CA.  I achieve saluditorian in my class with an Assioates Degree in Applied Science of Comprehensive Sound Arts.   This wonderful experience gave me the knowledge and confidence to do sound professionally in both event and studio production.  

After school, I left California to come back to my home in Wisconsin  where I took audio internships and worked doing live sound.  By 2005, I felt it was time to go into business for myself.  This move provided me with an amazing degree of freedom to create a service that in which I was able to personally engage with the artists.  By offering live sound, location recording, and studio production services the work never gets monotanous. 

Studio production is creative, event sound is exiting, but creating a professional recording of a concert experience is my favorite.  I love being able to bring the listener up close and personal with an intimate raw performance.  Perfectly capturing a spontaneous, live performance is still awe inspiring to me every time!

I am fortunate to be doing what I love, and I believe it shows in my work.  By being able to express my passion every day, it keeps me focused on providing consistant, quality, personal service to my clients.  I often go the extra mile to assure that each project is reaches its maximum potential.   Call me today to experience the superior service Bear Sound can provide.